Appetizers Menu

**SHRIMP COCKTAIL APPETIZER Served with a tangy cocktail sauce and crackers. $9.95
CALAMARI FRITTI APPETIZER Tentacles & rings lightly seasoned & dusted with flour & served with drawn butter $10.45
STEAMED MUSSELS Served with garlic bread $9.45
STEAMED CLAMS Served with garlic bread $9.45
BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS Served with bleu cheese and celery $8.95
BUFFALO CHICKEN DRUMMETTES Served with bleu cheese and celery $9.95
MAHI-MAHI FINGERS Served with tartar sauce and lemon $9.95
CHICKEN FINGERS Served with honey mustard $8.45
FRIED CALAMARI RINGS Served with marinara sauce $8.95
FRIED CLAMS Served with tartar sauce and lemon $7.95
BUFFALO SHRIMP Served with Bleu cheese & carrot sticks $9.95
GARLIC SHRIMP Served in fresh garlic & drawn butter and served with garlic bread $9.95
POTATO SKINS Cheddar & jack cheese, bacon & sour cream $7.45
FRIED MOZZARELLA STICKS Served with marinara sauce $7.45
NACHO SUPREME Chili, jack & cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream & guacamole $8.45
NACHOS Chili, cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers $7.25
JALAPENO POPPERS Served with ranch dressing $8.95
COCONUT SHRIMP APPETIZER Served with sweet-spicy Thai sauce $9.95
ZINGERS (Boneless Chicken Wings) Served with bleu cheese dressing $7.95
CHEESY CHICKEN NACHO DIP Served with nacho chips $7.95